oh hecc I have to put something here since I linked to it uhhhhhhh
Here have a simplified seal of the Compass States. They're like new england but if it were Spanish and if the king of Spain and his friends got hit by a meteor shortly after its founding.

The compass in the middle represents exploration and the eternal seeking of a better state of being. the lantern in the upper left quadrant represents 'illumination', whatever the fuck that means. and in the upper right we h

wait that was the placeholder image wasn't it.
Okay not showing you them yet. I guess.

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and I haven't yet figured out fantasy west virginia so I can't show you Vivar's home country...


I might have the Arkanian imperial flag to hand. Think exploration age Britain with overtones of generic evil fantasy empire number five.
It should be riiiight over

nope that's the placeholder again.


I KNOW I can show you the seal and flag of the Marble Islands.
Not much lore on them yet, but they have a NICE flag.

That's the flag I had in my room on the home page. Just thtought that wall needed some dressing up.
And yes, it's a vertical hang. Sue me.

It's based on a flag I saw while halucinating and listening to the Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet collab Landfall. One of the tracks has the sounds of helicopter rotors in it, but in my strange state I thought it was a flag flapping in the wind. This flag to be exact:

The sky was overcast and whipping by SO quickly. it looked wet and bright, like after a huge rainstorm, just before the sun comes out.

Later I was reading Nation by Sir Terry Pratchett and the image of the sun setting over Little Nation kept sticking in my mind, so I sketched out an island and sun with those colors.

So anyway I guess that makes this fanart, one way or another. Bye!