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The latest cringe product from lizard has arrived, and it's a theoretical visual novel. Or story. Or something. It's a detective story, I know that much.
What's more important is the world it's in and the characters it's about. Which is what this document (and folder in general) is for.

A short(?) history

This is a post-apocalypse, but it's best not to think of it as such. Because every time I lead with that, people imagine desolation and hopelessness and fear and guns.
Don't get me wrong, this world has had its fair share of mad-max shenanagains. But that's not what the story is about.
Our focus is on the Afterwards, on the Rebuilding. Things are coming back together on a random island off the coast of a continent on life-support. There are wars and feuds, but they are far away and do not concern whatever case our characters are working on today.
But actions and relations are built on history, so perhaps a timeline is in order.

  • Late 1800s: Basically indistinguishable from Earth, especially from a distance.
  • ~1920 AD: Several extra scientific discoveries lead to rapid technological advancements.
  • ~1980 AD: Ethically dubious experiments result in the creation of the first Heirs*.
  • ~1990 AD: Some Heirs are modified to become Seeds* as part of Project Stormflower.
  • ~2000 AD: Accidental creation of first Viral AI, the ancestor to the modern Athena-class Synth*. After MANY arguments, Project Strive is created to help isolate the synths from conventional computers.
  • 20?? AD (0 CE): Something happens.
  • ~20 CE: ????????
  • ~30 CE: Last Founders (humans) seen. Heirs have started doing Mad Max stuff on most continents. Coastal areas either deserted or somewhat stable.
  • ~50 CE: First record of Jove-class Synth activity on old Founder supercomputers.
  • 100 CE: Project Stormflower begins first phase of reconstruction, which involves opening as many of its Vaults as remain connected to the network. Seeds join the world. Interactions between Seeds and Heirs range from "you're our friends now" to "yeah cool backstory now please help us survive" to "thats my land, I don't know you".
  • ~300 or ~400 CE: Present Day.

Uh, right, I should talk about the species of this world.