Welcome to Ceiling Lizard's Lair
Also inhabited by one P. Katsup
The room contains several items of interest.
  • In one corner is a pile of blankets, pillows, and matresses, whereon sits something small and scaly. They are trying (and failing) to draw something on a laptop using a mouse.
  • A low table stands by the "bed", covered with the debris of half-a-dozen unfinished projects.
  • A heat-lamp is attached to a ceiling rail, pointed to warm the kobold. An unfamiliar flag hangs on one wall.
  • A large window is set into one wall, letting in bright light and a breeze.
  • There is also corkboard with a poster for an old romcom. An enigmatic diagram labeled "Drome" is pasted over it.
  • A table stands by the corkboard, covered with notes and maps.
+++ HIT IT, GODOT! +++