Rho: ... Okay. So that was a response.
Rho: An automated response, but still,
Rho: That means power. And some semblance of thought.
Tau: So? Doesn't mean they'll be in any state to chat.
Tau: With our luck, it's just an automated response from the antenna, running on reserve power.
Rho: We have to try.

Rho: ... Hold it.
Tau: What?
Rho: The antenna's still sending out stuff on the diagnositc channels.
Tau: Huh? Why?
Rho: Must have been set to something before The Snow Fell.
Rho: Let's see if it's still readable.

Rho: !!
Tau: Well SOMETHING's using power there. Might just be stuff gone haywire.
Tau: Like, no generator activity? Not a good sign.
Rho: Could be they just ran out of thorium...
Rho: Replicators and Lifters are the most active. And they're running them intermittently, like you'd do if you were building.
Tau: Or like you'd do if all your equipment was running randomly on its own.

Tau: What's up with Storage? Aux is super low.
Rho: Well, most garages of this build can use the batteries of their rovers as an emergency power supply. Not great, but
Rho: WAIT. That means the rover batteries are low. Which means they've been used! And then returned to be charged!
Tau: ... OR have gone haywire.
Rho: Or that. But it's possible they're alive and just haven't figured out how to connect to the antenna...
Rho: We'll know for certain if we can get an Interface planted there.
Tau: Yes, but, We aren't doing that. Right?

Tau: I'm low on vehicles as it is, I am NOT giving you another JUST so you can play a game of bloody radio darts!

Tau: I'm not even sure my shuttles would reach that far!
Tau: Unless I swapped the fore cargo arms for a fuel tank and Heart amplifier...
Tau: I'd need to bounce the signal through one of Lambda's relay sats...

Tau: I'm going to give you a shuttle for this, aren't I?
Rho: Sounds like it.
Tau: Dammit.