The project started out with a dream I had. I was playing a point-and-click game that felt like an old Matteusz Skutnik game (more Daymare Town than Submachine.)
The goal was to use an elevator to get to the top of wherever I was, but it broke down and let me out in a sort of cave area. I entered a house by getting a giant stone human head to open its mouth.
Then I went into a flooded kitchen where some friendly sharks were swimming, and grabbed a cup of red water from the sink for a puzzle I knew would come later. No idea what was up with the old sailor, but there was also a mouse who would do me a favor if I gave them one of my feathers.

"Why not make it a real game?" I asked myself. And before I could begin listing the reasons why not, I had begun to draft a plot and mechanics. When I should have been doing finals. Fun!
  • I want to try emulating M.S.'s early art style a little. Fast and loose lines with layered colors.
  • Dream logic will be a big thing in the game. It came from a dream and so it should feel like it came from a dream.
  • The game should contain next to no text or voice lines. Character dialogues are represented by pictures in speech bubbles, and most signs and letters are in a language you cannot read.
    • This will handily mean that it can be played by anyone who can see the pictures. Subtitles may also be provided.